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Okinawa: the closest part of Japan to Asia
Located in the southernmost part of Japan, surrounded by beautiful waters, Okinawa is a subtropical island blessed with a warm, mild climate and a unique culture.
The island has recently been gaining worldwide recognition as one of Asia's most prominent resort destinations.

Key phrase that expresses contemporary Okinawa: "Okinawa, the Island of Long Life."

Although Japan itself is internationally renowned for its long life expectancy, it is Okinawa in particular that carries the strongest image of health and longevity.
Especially in the case of women, Okinawa has long boasted the greatest life expectancy (over 20 years old) and takes first place for life expectancy among Asian nations.

The backdrop to this island of longevity is the high quality of food made possible by Okinawa's rich natural environment and the characteristic lifestyle formed by Okinawa's distinctive history and culture.
This background nurtures a foundational well-being that makes Okinawan longevity possible.

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Comparison of average lifespan by country (for women)

Annual fluctuation of average lifespan in principal nations

Fluctuation of average lifespan (for women) and Fluctuation of average lifespan (for women)

We will introduce Okinawa's world-class, beautiful oceans
and picturesque scenes of Okinawan towns reminiscent of the old Okinawa!