Okinawa prospered as a transit point in the trade
between Japan and the rest of Asia during the days
of the Ryukyu Kingdom.
Not limited to goods, exchanges took place in culture
and between the peoples as well.

Okinawa used be a maritime nation called
the Ryukyu Kingdom.
In this relaxed land, the Okinawan people have nurtured a unique culture
and history influenced by Japan and other Asian countries.
There are a number of castles (gusuku in Okinawan dialect), ruins and
historic sites in the land of the old Ryukyus.
Some have been inscribed as part of the World Heritage by UNESCO, another of
Okinawa's attractions in addition to its natural beauty.
We will introduce Okinawa's world-class, beautiful oceans
and picturesque scenes of Okinawan towns reminiscent of the old Okinawa!