Special Economic Zone

The one and only "Special Economic Zone" in Japan ~ "OKINAWA"

Okinawa is the one and only "Special Economic Zone" in Japan. Facilities of OKINAWA Prefecture are constructed here in order to support more enterprises in their business activities in Okinawa.

Special Economic Zone

Free Trade Zone: FTZ (Naha Region)

■Easy access

2 km from Naha Airport, and about 7.6 km from Naha Harbor with over 50 routes available.
The harbor is a10-minute* drive from the airport.
*Required time when taking the Harbor Tunnel (expected to be complete in 2011).

■Arrangement of business functions

Holds variety of business services including stocking, processing, manufacturing, and displaying.

■Low rental charges

Facilities are available in the FTZ for rent. No deposit or guarantee money is necessary.

Warehouse, Factory facilities 920 Yen/㎡ per month
Alfresco container field 150 Yen/㎡ per month
Facilities for frequent displays 1,830 Yen/㎡ per month
Office facilities 1,290 Yen/㎡ per month

Special Free Trade Zone

Special Free Trade Zone

■Highly convenient access

Approximately 27 km from Naha Airport and 20 km from the downtown Naha. Brilliant traffic lines connect those areas and the Special Free Trade Zone via highway and national routes.

■Reduces the investment required for renting a factory during the initial stage.

The Zone includes parking lot, materials & equipment, product transportation space and officespace. Annual discount is available for the first 4 years of stationing.

■Attentive business support

"Enterprise geographical location support center" placed in the Zone supports the stationed enterprises. The center provide meeting rooms for business arrangements, facilities in the support center during the organization phase, and related support system offered for various procedures. Dispatched personnel are more than willing to help.

Special Features Of The Special Economic Zone

Stationed enterprises can receive preferential features including reduced tax, custom duties and financial services.


The surcharge for bonded regions in the customs duties laws is 1/2 First 10 years from establishment, a 35% discount is offered for corporation tax* (the ratio between corporation business tax, citizen tax and corporation tax is the same)
The efficiently produced home appliances, vehicle components, drugs, food etc. in various Asian countries are gathered in Okinawa in order to respond promptly to customers' demands.

*Target group is manufacturers, packaging companies and warehouses hiring more than 20 long-term employees. Please browse the following URL for detailed discount information.


Fundamental facilities to promote international logistics business

Speed is a necessary criterion to enhance competitiveness. OKINAWA prefecture has a long-term vision based on more efficient and quick logistics facilities.

Speed is a necessary criterion to enhance competitiveness. OKINAWA prefecture has a longterm vision based on more efficient and agile logistics facilities.
Naha port is now one of the major international logistic point with more than 50 routes which connects to major domestic cities including Tokyo, Osaka and various Asia regions.
The logistics transportation system center (expected to be completed in 2011) is established adjacent to international container transfer station in Naha Harbor.

We will introduce Okinawa's world-class, beautiful oceans
and picturesque scenes of Okinawan towns reminiscent of the old Okinawa!