Commercial Model from Okinawa

Applies the fastest aerial transportation model of "Same day shipping and next morning delivery" to provide connection between Japan and Asia.

In October 2009, ANA CARGO officially set off for flights from Okinawa's Naha Airport to 8 major airport in Asia (Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Narita, Haneda and Kansai). It unveiled its approach to the "Okinawa Hub and Spoke*" which received considerable attention from the public.

*Hub and Spoke:
An airport with an aerial network relay function is known as the hub (the center of a wheel); the aerial routes to various airports are known as the spoke (spokes of a wheel). The cargo will be gathered at the hub, and then transported to various airports with the approach of extended spokes.

Enhances competitiveness through the "Okinawa Hub and Spoke"

Cargos are transported from Okinawa to major cities in Asia, then further extension to various locations in Asia. Cargos also are transported from major cities in Asia through Okinawa into 15 major cities in Japan. The Okinawa Hub allows to merge the growing Asia through a quicker and more efficient approach.


Only one night "from Okinawa to various areas in Asia"

Cargos collected prior to 7 pm arrive in Okinawa at around 1 am. Then, at the 24-hour Naha Airport where efficient transfer is carried out, cargos are on board an early morning flight to 5 major cities in Asia. Cargos from various Asian countries to Japan also arrive before morning.


Create New Business Opportunities

The growth of Asia's economy is expected in the future. Getting closer to Asian countries through the "Okinawa Hub and Spoke" may be a good opportunity to develop a new business.


The premium diet and health concept is rising with the growth of the economy. In resonance with this concept, Japanese premium food ingredients with high quality and safety are spreading to Asian countries.
The efficiently produced home appliances, vehicle components, drugs, food etc. in various Asian countries are gathered in Okinawa in order to respond promptly to customers' demands.

We will introduce Okinawa's world-class, beautiful oceans
and picturesque scenes of Okinawan towns reminiscent of the old Okinawa!