Okinawa - filled with business opportunities

Welcome to the islands full of life, rich in nature and tradition

Aspects of Okinawa that are beneficial for business are not
limited to the courtesies and support extended by the
government such as the Special Economic Zone. Okinawa also
enjoys an excellent reputation for its large labor force and an
environment that fully supports the development of business.

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Large, young labor force

Okinawa is first in Japan for its rate of natural population growth and number of young people, with the lowest average age in Japan. According to "Population Estimates," published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, only the populations of Tokyo and Okinawa are expected to increase in 25 years' time.

■Okinawa has the highest natural population growth rate and number of young people of all Japanese prefectures.

Natural population growth rate by prefecture
Percentage of young population by prefecture

Source: Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Population Estimates" (October 1, 2007)

■Okinawa has the largest young population in Japan, with many youthful job seekers.

Okinawa has the largest young population in Japan, with many youthful job seekers.

Easy and inexpensive living in Okinawa

Ranked lowest on the Japanese consumer price index, Okinawa is an easy and inexpensive place to live, allowing companies from outside Okinawa to expand their businesses to the island more easily.

Consumer price index by area (2000)

Okinawan market filled with energy

The population of Naha City, the prefectural capital, and its environs is about 1 million people. You can feel as much vibrant energy here as in the major cities of mainland Japan.

Strong commitment to IT society

With its geographically advantageous location, Okinawa enjoys use of the Okinawa Global Internet Exchange (Okinawa GIX), an Internet access service. Okinawa used to have to go through Tokyo or the United States to send data to Asia. But now, with a connection hub in Okinawa, it is possible to access Asia directly from Okinawa with faster speed and higher quality. In addition to this rich IT environment, Okinawa also focuses on promoting higher education, training people in a variety of professions including the areas of foreign language and science, which can lead to the development of international business.

Low frequency of earthquakes

Since the development of modern seismological measurement, the frequency of earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 or stronger in Okinawa has been zero. Although Japan is an earthquake-prone country, Okinawa has a very low risk of earthquake.

Frequency of earthquakes measuring magnitude 5 or stronger by area

  • Hokkaido 32
  • Tohoku 69
  • Kanto 113
  • Chubu 81
  • Kinki 27
  • Chugoku / Shikoku 39
  • Chugoku / Shikoku 39
  • Okinawa 0

Business life in resort island Okinawa

Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture with abundant natural beauty, prospered
as a trading hub with China and Japan during the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom,
making the island unique with the influence of many cultures. Enjoy doing business in
Okinawa with its rich blend of nature and culture.

Photos of Okinawa

We will introduce Okinawa's world-class, beautiful oceans
and picturesque scenes of Okinawan towns reminiscent of the old Okinawa!