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Other than preferential features for special economic zone, there are additional subsidies for initial support.

Subsidies will be offered based on the enterprises' location regulations

Subsidies will be offered based on the enterprises' location regulations

■A maximum of 10% of the subsidy will be offered as the budget to obtain land and building
(1 billion Yen at most)

■A subsidy will be offered to new employments, with 400 thousand Yen / person

Reward to promote employment of young individuals in Okinawa

■For new employees under the age of 35, a subsidy for 1/3 of their salary will be offered
(for 2 years at most)

A subsidy will be offered for the paid salary based on the following criteria: established or renovated offices in Okinawa; has employed more than 3 local youngsters under the age of 35, or hired employees from other prefectures or cities.

Payment amount The subsidy offered will be 1/4 the amount calculated in the established standards by the minister from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (respectably to "Minister of Health Department") (1/3 for owners of small and medium business)
Subsidy period 1 year (2 years for entrepreneurs with excellent and stable labor employment conditions)
Limitation for payment 1.2 million Yen per person annually

Employment development reward

■Subsidy offered for new employees from Okinawa

In the case of establishing or renovating offices in all area of Okinawa (Employment development facilitating region), in addition to hiring more than 3 local employees, the subsidy for office establishment and renovation will then be offered according to the new number of employees.

Payment amount Fixed amount (300 thousand Yens - 12.5 million Yens) / year
Subsidy period 3 years (5 years when conformed to fill specific criteria)

Research and dispatch subsidy

■Subsidize the training fees for dispatching employees to be trained outside of the prefecture

The subsidy provided will include the following criteria: newly established enterprises and enterprises with increased employees in Okinawa; the transportation or accommodation fees for dispatching employees to be trained outside of the prefecture.

Applicable industries Information and Communications related industries Tourism and
recreational industries International logistics related industries
Processing and trading industries utilizing the regulations of the special
free trade zone
Target number of
people for subsidies
Within 1/2 the number of new employees
Budget for subsidiary
Transportation fees (Except for commutation fees)
Accommodation fees (rent, boarding fee, management fee andreward)
Amount of subsidy 1/2 of the budget for a subsidiary target (subsidy limitation depends on
the duration of the dispatch)

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