Awamori is distilled liquor only in Okinawa. In this island, if you drink awamori together you will be friends, even you meet for the first time. Have some awamori, sing, dance, laugh out loud forget all the bad things...happy nights in Okinawa will go on.

Black koji distilled liquor is rare in the world it tastes even
better as time passes by

One is less likely to experience a hangover from "Awamori" liquor of the longevity island,
since it is distilled liquor with few impurities.
It has no carbohydrates is low calorie, only 59kcal for 100ml of awamori,
in comparison with 103kcal for 100ml of sake.
Awamori uses black koji mold becomes milder tastier the longer it matures,
is called "koshu" literally meaning old sake.
Time passes by along with the awamori given on a special day,
it is a lovely tradition rooted in Okinawa.


Among young ones ladies, toasting with awamori liqueur is the trend. There are awamori liqueurs with the tropical fruits of Okinawa such as shikuwasa, passion fruit, mango, coffee, tea. Various new flavors of liqueurs are produced.

Another aspect of awamori that is loved by various age groups

Awamori liqueur is based on the Awamori that contains very few impurities  
thus one is less likely to get hungover.
Shikuwasa, passion fruit mango, scents of tropical fruits have a relaxing effect  
it´s a perfect drink for unwinding.
Also garnishing the awamori liqueurs with fresh fruit such as shikuwasa is recommended for beauty health,
because the intake of vitamin C has a skin enhancement effect  
citric acid will help the body recover from the fatigue.


Awamori improves with age, creating a sophisticated flavor.

Awamori has a history of over 500 years. When Okinawa was still known as the Ryukyu Kingdom, awamori used to be an important export to Japan China.
Black koji mold is sprinkled over steamed rice to make rice malt. It is this black koji mold that gives awamori its distinctive pleasing aroma. Awamori is produced by blending all raw ingredients at once.
The main ingredient is rice. Awamori is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from rice with no additives. Long-grain rice is normally used to produce awamori.

Maturation process gives a great taste to awamori. Awamori improves with age, with an enhanced flavor aroma. Awamori is called kuusu when it has aged for more than three years. Kuusu has a more refined mellow flavor, this superior awamori is very popular among connoisseurs.
Due to the fact that awamori is sugar free contains no amino acids,
it is lower in calories than other similar alcoholic beverages, allowing people
with a high blood sugar level to enjoy it.
With its refreshing taste, awamori is a perfect match for all kinds of dishes. Awamori can be enjoyed with simple Japanese food also with oily fatty food.

Awamori goes best with Okinawan food. Here are some tips for appetizers that go well with awamori.

Awamori is versatile can be used as a base spirit.
There is an array of awamori-based liquor available
including shiikwaasaa, lychee, Japanese plum  
passion fruit, which feature a sweet, mellow taste
with a hint of awamori´s distinctive flavor.