In the pleasant pasture with a breeze from the emerald green ocean of Ishigaki, a mother cow grazes on grass slowly. The farmer of Ishigaki beef, known as an expert says, "They eat heartily walk a lot, so they bear healthy babies."

The low stress warm climate cultivates the best quality beef

Good quality beef is recommended for elderly who are striving for longevity.
Black wagyu( Japanese cattle )contains plenty of quality amino acids which are the foundation for flavor
unsaturated fatty acid.
The grade of black wagyu is judged by how much fat exists among the meat, texture, firmness,
glossiness of the meat, color quality of the fat the best is called grade A5.
There are wagyu from Okinawa that received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry Fisheries Award which
is the first prize of a national competition.
Also there are many breeding farmers in Okinawa calves that born in Okinawa are sometimes raised
as national brand beef throughout Japan.