Grandma grandchildren are enjoying tea on the porch of a farmhouse. In Okinawa, teas have been made from familiar wild grass vegetables since the days of old. Wisdom of longevity is passed on from parents to children grandchildren through everyday tea time.

Healthy tea made from natural ingredients from the island of longevity

There are many teas made from unique vegetables of Okinawa
that are rich in nutrients herbs. Goya bitter gourd tea is
made from dried goya is caffeine free therefore is safe for
children, pregnant nursing mothers. Vitamin C contained in
goya is water-soluble heat resistant. For that reason tea is
a perfect method for ingestion. Conjugated linoleic acid
contained in the seed of the goya stimulates the lipolytic
enzyme lipase stimulates fat burning. Morodicine is
expected to lower blood sugar level. Guava tea contains tannin
that works as an antioxidant is antibacterial.
Turmeric tea contains curcumin which is noted for strengthening
liver function.


From fruity drinks to healthy tea,

Okinawa offers a variety of Okinawan beverages!
Hibiscus Water
No artificial coloring. Like water, this sweet mildly sour drink is ideal for hydration.
Deep-sea water
Natural Deep-sea water rich in minerals necessary for the human body.
Goya tea
Goya tea is a delicious, aromatic tea made with roasted Okinawan goya including the seeds. A perfect choice for health-conscious people
Sanpin tea
Okinawa's most popular sanpin tea (jasmine tea), blended with Okinawan guava leaves. Its refreshing taste makes a great accompaniment for fatty dishes.
Guava tea
A healthy, non-caffeine tea made from Okinawan guava leaves with a mild taste pleasant aroma. There is a custom dating from the old days of drinking decocted guava. Recommended for people who care about their health.