The fields of sugarcane are the original scenery of the island, even it is sung in popular songs. Nibbling on the stem in childhood munching on brown sugar made from the sugarcane during break time while farming was the custom from of old. The brown sugar supported the smiles longevity of Okinawa.

The strength of sugarcane, undefeated by typhoons will nurture our body

The components of refined white sugar is mainly saccharin.
In comparison, brown sugar contains minerals such as
calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin B1, B2 even essential
amino acids.
Potassium stimulates excretion of excess sodium in the
body keeps blood pressure balanced.
Calcium is known for prevention of high blood pressure,
arterial sclerosis, helps in calming the nerves.
In China, sometimes drinks of melted brown sugar are used
to recover after giving birth.
Brown sugar rich in minerals is one of the precious food that
supported the longevity of Okinawa.


The secret of delicious Okinawan brown sugar is that Okinawan sugarcane is grown in fields enriched with coral blessed with strong sunlight minerals delivered by the ocean spray.

Okinawan brown sugar is made from sugarcane grown in fields blessed with strong southern-island sunlight minerals delivered by the ocean spray.
Unlike other brown sugar, Okinawan brown sugar has a deep, rich flavor. Not only used as a condiment, Okinawan brown sugar pieces are consumed as a sweet accompaniment to tea for relief of fatigue.
Brown sugar is especially popular among women for its high iron calcium content is used as part of a remedy for anemia. It is also popular as a wholesome food. Use this great product regularly as part of your everyday diet.