The people of Okinawa are super cheerful, gentle yet very proud of their work have their own style. The crafts of Okinawa, such as traditional dye, textile, ryukyu glass, kariyushi wear are produced by precise handwork of craftsmen, making the use of material design carefully chosen over a period of time.

The bright craftworks were created through redolent of history

The Bashofu, abaca cloth, Ryukyu indigo dye Minsa textile are still produced in the traditional method
that is cherished since the time of Ryukyu kingdom. It uses the materials unique to Okinawa that are still loved
such as traditional textile. Ryukyu glass began its first production in the late 19th century received
attention as souvenirs for the homeland of U.S. soldiers. Now it became a standard souvenir of Okinawa.
"Kariyushi" means "auspicious" in the Okinawan language. The title comes from Kariyushi was born in
Kariyushi wear is already rooted as the business wear of summertime by locals. It is as good as an aloha shirt
in Hawaii.
Traditional crafts of Okinawa are of high quality, their charm is that after you bring them back,
you certainly want to use them in everyday live.


Okinawa produces various unique crafts, ranging from pottery to glassware.

When Okinawa prospered as a transit point in the trade with foreign countries during the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom, techniques of craft making were introduced to the island. Integrating such techniques with local methods, Okinawans have created a multitude of original local crafts.

Ryukyu glass

Ryukyu glass comes in various colors. Each piece is carefully blown shaped by hand, giving the warm touch of a craftsman, unlike other mass-produced glass products. As a craft to enrich everyday life, Ryukyu glass is available in various forms, from vases tableware to accessories.

Yachimun (pottery)

Yachimun in Okinawan dialect is a pottery made with local clay. Yachimun comes in a variety of forms, from plates awamori containers to shiisaa (guardian lion-dogs) more. Born out of the everyday life of Okinawa, yachimun is highly valued as a gift to someone special.