At this farm in Itoman, chickens are healthfully running around without stress in the warm climate. The farmer says "Crack the egg, not just the yolk but also egg white rises." He is very confident of his eggs.

Healthy egg of the longevity island that could be eaten raw

The raised egg white is the evidence of freshness.
The egg is rich in good protein, vitamins minerals is therefore called the perfect nutritious food.
The lecithin oleic acid contained in the egg lowers LDL( low-density lipoprotein ) cholesterol  
increases HDL( high-density lipoprotein ) cholesterol.
Eggs produced in hygiene managed farms are carefully collected one by one shipped every day.
It is so clean fresh that it could be eaten raw, used in lots of Okinawan foods sweets.
As a good source of protein, eggs also support the longevity of Okinawa.