The smiley fisherman knows all about the well-known beautiful ocean of Kouri its fishes like the back of his hand through many years of experience. He is also the leader of the community says "living in harmony with nature is very important for us to preserve this fishing ground."

Brightly colorful fishes of the longevity island surrounded by the ocean

Including Gurukun( double-lined fusilier), many fishes of Okinawa are rich in protein low in fat.
They are healthy white meat fishes.
Since the flavors are rather plain, it can be prepared in various dishes such as sashimi, boiled in salt water,
tempura, deep fried, sauteed with butter soup.
Okinawa is also the top class for its catch of fresh blue fin tuna, healthy rich in red flesh.
Surrounded by the ocean, the people of Okinawa made good use of fresh fish
as a source of protein for health longevity.


Surrounded by beautiful waters, Okinawa is blessed with an abundance of marine products. Here are some of Okinawa's typical marine products that can enrich your everyday diet.
The king of sushi - tuna Okinawan tuna
Preferring warm water, tuna populate the seas around the Okinawan islands in large numbers. It is the most popular sushi topping is also good for sashimi. Savor fresh tuna harvested in Okinawan waters.

Okinawa's superior fish ‐‐ Malabar grouper
Malabar grouper is a very popular fish is known as miibai in Okinawa, where it is often cooked in nabe (hot pot) soups. The white meat of Malabar grouper is tender rich in flavor. It is also boiled in soy sauce eaten as sashimi.