Ogimi village is famous as a longevity village. One of the longevity beauties, she is harvesting a bitter gourd. "I enjoy a long life because I eat lots of local vegetables bask in the sunshine ocean breeze" she says with a charming smile.

The bright color of the vegetables indicates the
powerful vital force of the tropical sun

Goya bitter gourd is a vegetable that represents Okinawa.
It contains an abundance of vitamin C that is resistant to
heat perfect for stir-fry. The bitterness comes from
It is said that this component is effective in lowering blood
sugar level, strengthening the stomach increasing
It is said that Okinawan vegetables are rich in antioxidants in
comparison with vegetables grown in other parts of Japan.
It acquired the strong vital force in order to protect
themselves from severe ultraviolet rays ocean breezes
that contain salt.
These vegetables are a source of longevity in Okinawa.


The mother of a local farm says "Our pineapples are super sweet because of the mineral rich sea breeze lots of sunshine." She lets us taste lots of her pineapples with a tanned confident smile.

The bright colorful fruits also nurture the island of longevity

There are lots of colorful delicious fruits in Okinawa,
unique to the subtropics. One of them is acerola, the amount
of vitamin C content is the top among all fruits, 1700mg of
vitamin C per 100g.
This amount is 17 times more than lemon which is in
third place. Vitamin C is called a beauty vitamin because
it has a great antioxidation effect, restrains melanism  
assists in the production of collagen. The second place is
guava, 220mg of vitamin C is contained per 100g of fruit.
The quercetin that is contained in the guava leaf restrains
absorption of sugar is noticed for its effect in
controlling blood sugar levels after meals.


Okinawan fruits vegetables are grown with plenty of the strong southern sunlight of Okinawa. Dark in color, Okinawan agricultural products are popular for their great flavor.

With a unique bitter taste high level of heat-resistant vitamin C, goya is a popular vegetable that is perfect for stir-fry. Goya is one of many prominent local vegetables said to contribute to maintaining sound health promoting longevity.   The texture of shima rakkyo is similar to a shallot, with rich aroma a piquant flavor. It makes a perfect accompaniment to awamori is also widely eaten as an appetizer for alcoholic beverages. It also tastes great as tempura.   Okinawan okra is a popular vegetable possessing a unique stickiness, particularly popular among health-conscious people.   Handama is a vegetable with bicolor leaves of dark green on one side purple on the other that becomes sticky when heated. Great as aemono (cold dish mixed with dressing) soup. The purple of handama colors the dish slightly, the vegetable can be used in various ways. Fresh handama is darker in color.
Okinawan carrot is a native vegetable that is long light yellow in color. Its texture is slightly softer than burdock. A soup made with Okinawan carrot is widely eaten as a nourishing meal.   Okinawa is the nation's largest cultivator of pineapples. You can easily pull off small segments of the Bogor pineapple by hand. Popular among children young people. The spine of the Bogor pineapple is edible.   With a rich aroma sweetness that almost melts in your mouth, Okinawan mango is a popular fruit that has established itself as a leading "brand" in Japan. It is also given as a special gift.   Papaya has a distinctive, enticing aroma as well as tender pulp sweetness. Remove seeds enjoy on its own. The fruit can also be used for drinks, jam jellies.
A fruit rich in Vitamin B2, folic acid potassium popular among women. Sweetness is enhanced as it ripens. An ideal fruit for jellies drinks. Topping it off with olive oil, Okinawan salt pepper makes for a lightly flavored dressing.   Okinawa's premiere citrus fruit. In Okinawan dialect, "shii" means sour "kwaasaa" is food. The fruit is popular among health-conscious people, a chemical contained in it called nobiletin is attracting the attention of researchers.