The fisherman is proud of the Mozuku seaweed, "Thickness texture is the best". The Mozuku seaweed harvested in this beautiful clear ocean is one of the famous longevity food products. In early spring, fishermen gather work together for the harvest.

Miracle seaweed that only exists in a limited part of the ocean.

This mozuku seaweed could only be harvested in the beautiful
ocean of Okinawa. The characteristics are that it is thicker
than any other mozuku seaweed in other parts of Japan.
The slimy surface is rich in fucoidan. It is said that fucoidan
has an antibacterial function, strengthens the immune ,
improves lifestyle-related diseases such as arterial sclerosis,
has a cancer preventative effect balances intestinal health.
Also it contains dietary fiber which improves the intestinal
condition such as alginic acid, calcium which is effective in
preventing osteoporosis minerals such as magnesium that
enhances the absorption of calcium. To add to that, it is a low
calorie healthy food. Mozuku seaweed is a remarkable food
that has supported the health longevity of Okinawa.


Surrounded by beautiful waters, Okinawa is
blessed with an abundance of marine products.

Freshly caught seafood is sent directly to nearby Asian
countries on daily non-stop flights from their
closest Japanese neighbor, Okinawa.
Low calorie seaweed -- mozuku
Mozuku is a type of seaweed characterized by its unique viscous texture the presence of fucoidan, which is gentle to the stomach. Characterized by its thickness pleasing texture, Okinawan mozuku (a type of stringy seaweed) is widely popular in mainland Japan. While Okinawan mozuku is cooked in various ways, it can also be enjoyed raw. In addition to being low in calories, its simple flavor makes mozuku a suitable ingredient for any type of cuisine.