The farmer couple smiles says "This year´s potatoes are great, too" at a farm in Yomitan village which has a reputation for delicious purple potatoes. Purple potatoes are healthy food loved by the people of Okinawa. When harvest season arrives, even kindergarten elementary school children go on a field trip for harvesting.

The bright purple staple food rejuvenates supports the longevity of Okinawa

The unique reddish purple color is due to the anthocyanin
pigment composition, a type of polyphenol which is also
contained in blueberries red wine. It has an excellent 
antioxidant effect, controls oxygen radicals, prevents aging
is expected to be effective for asthenopia(eye fatigue).
Purple potato is a crop rich in vitamin C that works as an
antioxidant dietary fibers which conditions the intestinal
function. In Okinawa, the staple food was a purple potato
rather than rice since the days of old.
Therefore, the purple potato is considered as the main crop
that supported longevity of Okinawa.