The blue ocean of Okinawa has some of the clearest water in the world. Okinawan salt with the power of mother ocean is made when pure seawater is concentrated as it is. Oki-nawan people cherish the salt, even wearing the salt as an amulet.

Minerals produce the healthy salt are
a blessing from the ocean

Compared to other salt rock salt, the salt manufactured
by the seawater of Okinawa is rich in calcium which prevents
osteoporosis also calms the nerves.
It also contains minerals such as potassium which assists in
elimination of excess salts in the body.
Among them, there is a salt recognized by the Guinness
book as having the highest mineral content.
It´s distinguishing feature is low sodium content due to
the high mineral content.
Okinawa is considered to be one of the lowest sodium
intake regions in Japan it is considered as one of
the factors for longevity.


Sea salt made from the beautiful clear waters
of Okinawa.

Okinawan salt contains seawater minerals with a hint
of sweetness, a distinctive feature of the seasoning.
A variety of salt is produced in Okinawa employing traditional
salt making methods. Okinawan salt products arrive on your
table after being produced with great care subject to
strict quality control. Lacking the harsh taste of other sea salt,
Okinawan salt has a mild flavor that stays in your mouth.
Choosing high-quality salt for daily cooking is key to enriching
your life.


Using salt to best advantage:

●To remove a strong meat taste fishiness!
To lessen a strong meat flavor, sprinkle salt over meat, rub wash off. Salt also functions as a sanitizer for meat fish. Washing fish in a 3-4 percent salt solution can remove viscosity, the source of fishiness.
●To bring out the true flavor of fresh ingredients!
Season shrimp fish with sake to which has been added a dash of salt to bring out the true flavor of fresh ingredients.
●Use salt after sugar!
When you cook dishes seasoned with sugar salt, such as nimono
(Japanese-style simmered food), put the sugar in first. If you add salt before
sugar, the sweetness becomes difficult for the ingredients to absorb.
Enjoy delectable dishes by using salt skillfully!