The quiet shy guy, he protects the hereditary mountain grows shikuwasa in the northern part of Okinawa called "Yanbaru". In the Okinawan language, shikuwasa means "eat the sourness".

The Okinawan citrus shikuwasa has a secret to longevity

Shikuwasa contains plenty of vitamin C, an excellent
antioxidant citric acid that recover one from
exhaustion. Especially the amount of nobiletin, a kind of
flavonoid is far better than any other citrus.
It is said that nobiletin is effective in inhibiting
carcinogenicity,preventing diabetes,restraining the cause
of liver disability, controlling melanism a whitening
effect of the skin.
Currently research on the possibility of fundamental
treatment for Alzheimer´s disease is being conducted.
Also Yanbaru, an area famous for production of shikuwasa
is also known for area of longevity.


Shikuwasa is a local lime with a rich citrus flavor sour taste.

In Japan, shikuwasa is used like lemon, as a flavoring for grilled fish,
yakiniku, salad sashimi, as well as for making desserts juices.
The popularity of shikuwasa in Japan is due to its strong flavor golden
extract, like the sunlight of the southern island.

'Golden extract'

This is a catch phrase for Okinawan shikuwasa, which brings new richness to your life.
Shikuwasa is Okinawa´s premiere citrus fruit with a rich flavor strong sourness. People have recently been getting hooked on shikuwasa. Here are a few examples.