Okinawa is called the island of restoration. In the luxury resorts surrounded by abundant nature, guests are welcomed with warm Okinawan hospitality the spa menu making use of natural materials from Okinawa enhances their beauty.

The natural material from island of longevity supports
the beauty of ladies in Okinawa

There are many unique cosmetics produced in Okinawa,
utilizing natural materials particular to Okinawa.
Kucha, mudstone that could be obtained only in Okinawa has been loved by ladies
since the Ryukyu Kingdom era.
Minute particles get into the pores, absorb dirt cleanse the skin.
The deep sea water taken from 612m of ocean floor stimulates the metabolism of skin cells,
expected to relieve skin troubles.
Gettou, shell ginger contains the aromatic component cineole that has antibacterial  
anti-inflammatory effects.
Shikuwasa contains the aromatic component limonene that is effective for refreshing  
activating the sympathetic nerve .
These non-chemical cosmeticsfrom natural materials are good for the body keep the beauty of
Okinawan ladies.


Natural skincare products made with Okinawan ingredients are becoming popular among working women.

Made-in-Okinawa skincare products are widely known for being natural, favored by women who want good-quality skin body care products.