The parent child make tofu diligently from early morning. They treated us with piping hot, fresh Yushi tofu with a tender smile saying, "This is the best in the morning." In Okinawa, there are tofu shops in each community, supporting the healthy lifestyle longevity of the community.

The blessing of the ocean secret of longevity is concentrated in shima tofu.

The shima tofu in Okinawa contains lots of soy isoflavone
minerals because it uses bittern of seawater
from the beautiful ocean.
The chemical structure action of isoflavone is similar
to the female hormone estrogen, therefore it is said
that it is effective in relieving menopausal symptoms.
Also in comparison with other tofu, Okinawan shima tofu
contains more protein less carbohydrates,
a perfect food for dieters.
Tofu is essential for Okinawan cuisine taking in good
quality protein is also one of the factors of longevity
in Okinawa.