A neighborhood mother came to pick Asa(sea lettuce)at a beach in the tideland of spring. According to her, this year´s Asa(sea lettuce)is a bright green color high quality. You can smell the ocean when you make a soup out of it. The seaweeds that support longevity, they are the vegetables of the ocean.

Sea vegetables nurtured in a field of corals are rich in nutrition

Asa is rich in potassium which assists in the elimination of
excess salts in the body calcium that prevents high
blood pressure, arterial sclerosis, osteoporosis also
promotes calming of the nerves.
It also contains high beta-carotene that has an excellent
antioxidant effect, dietary fibers that regulate intestinal
function boost the immune .
Daily consumption of seaweed which is rich in minerals  
fibers in soups, tempura other dishes is one of the factors
that led to longevity in Okinawa.


Surrounded by beautiful waters, Okinawa is
blessed with an abundance of marine products.

Freshly caught seafood is sent directly to nearby
Asian countries on daily non-stop flights
from their closest Japanese neighbor,
Okinawan delicacy also called green caviar -- umi budou
When you bite into this uniquely shaped seaweed, little capsules pop in your mouth. Enjoy this specialty marine product of Okinawa in vinegar soy sauce as a topping for sushi. As you bite into umi budou, its beautiful green capsules fill your mouth with the taste of the sea. Umi budou is a perfect accompaniment for other seafood, including tuna sashimi, is also used as a garnish to add extra color to a dish.
Umi budou is very sensitive to changes in temperature. Don't keep umi budou at temperatures higher than 30℃ lower than 20℃. Keep it at room temperature eat as soon as possible.
※Umi budou must be kept at room temperature in order to maintain its unique texture.
※During transport, umi budou often turns white due to the lack of light. In order to recover its color, put umi budou in a clear container place it under weak light. (It takes about two hours to recover its color under fluorescent light.)
※Wash umi budou lightly before eating.