The experienced farmer who falls in love with turmeric grows it in a rich green field says "It is said that a little something to drink is the bestmedicine, but turmeric wins over the alcohol, therefore making it king of the best medicine. We can drink because there is turmeric" with a hearty roar of laughter.

One of the three major herbs in Okinawa that supports longevity.

In Okinawa, four different types of turmeric,
spring, autumn, purple black are cultivated.
The bright orange color of turmeric comes from pigment
called curcuminoid which is especially contained richly in
autumn turmeric.
Curcuminoid contains curcumin analog such as
demethoxycurcumin bisdemetoxycurcumin.
It is said that curcumin is effective in strengthening liver
function products made from Okinawan turmeric are very
popular for preventing hangovers. Turmeric has its unique
bitterness, but original unique products
have been developed in Okinawa by fermenting
controlling the bitterness therefore more easy to take.
The people of Okinawa who love alcohol,
perhaps their longevity has been protected by this turmeric.


The beautiful orange flower field in Nakijin village, is actually an herbal field of Kuwansou (type of daylily). The lovely farming couple says "when it comes to be in season, many people come to pick the flowers." In Okinawa, there are various herbs that support the health of people.

That medicine food are of the same source is a thought
passed down as wisdom of food in Okinawa.

The Kuwansou in the photo is also called a sleeping
herb since it has an effect of lowering the core body
temperature makes one sleepy. There are lots of
other herbs in Okinawa, one of them is "Choumeisou"
Peucedanum japonicum(literally longevity herb)
that contains plenty of antioxidant vitamin C,
beta-carotene calcium which prevents
osteoporosis. "Kumisukuchin" is an herb meaning
cat´s whiskers is contains rosmarinic acid
which assists in eliminating excess sodium
from the body prevents digestion of
carbohydrates. Fennel called "Ichoobaa" in Okinawa
contains anethole that increases appetite assists in
digestion. Historically, Okinawa was strongly influenced
by eastern culture medicine rather than western
medicine herbs are commonly used for health  
bringing longevity.


The young craftsman stirs the earthenware pot quietly in the sweaty hot humid storehouse. He says "the moromi vinegar is alive. Each pot has its own personality. Therefore we must give it time, tender affection nurture it with love."

An alcohol free healthy drink made from
Awamori that takes your fatigue away

Citric acid is the main component of moromi vinegar.
It is produced in the process of manufacturing Awamori.
It is highly effective in stimulating sugar fat metabolism,
diet improving cholesterol level.
Also it contains lots of amino acids minerals in good
balance. Expected effects are recovering from fatigue
building muscle due to intake of amino acids.
The amino acid content in moromi vinegar is higher than
black vinegar rice vinegar, abundant in essential amino
acids. It is loved as an excellent health food by the people
of longevity island, Okinawa.


Okinawa is known worldwide as the island of longevity.

Thanks to Okinawa's natural cultural blessings, wholesome Okinawan foods are earning wide recognition in Japan as well as in the rest of Asia.
From goya (bitter melon) to ukon (turmeric), chlorella to kwanso (orange daylily), we will introduce Okinawa's wholesome foods.

Hakko ukon (fermented turmeric)

During the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom, ukon was valued as
an important trade item exported to China Japan.

Ukon is rich in curcumin, popular among people who drink
alcoholic beverages on a regular basis beauty-conscious
people. Hakko Ukon is a healthy supplement made with fermented
Okinawan turmeric using an original process of lactic acid
fermentation. This technology makes the turmeric used in
this supplement even richer increases nutrients such as
calcium. The product is made with Okinawan turmeric only
without extenders often used for shaping.

Hakko Ukon is consumed by people who don't have a proper
diet those who are conscious of maintaining good health.

Nutrients in Hakko Ukon tablets (per 100g)

Nutrients in Hakko Ukon tablets (per 100g)

Goya-cha (goya tea)

Goya (bitter melon) tea is made with carefully selected 100% Okinawan goya. Using slowly roasted goya including the seeds, the tea is high in nutrients
has the great taste of goya.
The surprising fact about goya is conjugated linolenic
acid secreted in goya seeds.Conjugated linolenic acid
turns into a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic
acid, which is said to facilitate the burning of
accumulated fat in the body.
This distinctive function of goya has made the
tea extremely popular among young women
who are dieting. The product is calorie caffeine free.
●What's kwanso?   ●What's moromi vinegar?
Kwanso has a fragrance similar to that of leek with a hint of sweetness. The herb has been consumed widely on island since the old days, cooked in a stew of pork chicken. Kwanso is well paired with amino citric acids, the latest research has found that the herb also contains various nutrients.
Moromi (sake lees) vinegar is a non-alcoholic liquid made from the by-product of distilling Okinawan awamori (liquor). Gussurin 2-V is rich in amino citric acids, made with concentrated moromi vinegar powder by means of a patented technique.


Yaeyama Chlorella
Moromi vinegar
Chlorella is cultivated in open-air tanks on Okinawa's Ishigaki Island. Ishigaki's chlorella is rich in vegetable  protein, a nutrient also found in green vegetables.
Moromi vinegar is a health drink that contains a good balance of citric amino acids. Researchers have recently found that the vinegar contains a compound called GABA, γ(gamma)-aminobutyric acid, which induces relaxation, attracting wide attention.