Chinese steamed bun with miso paste and seasoned pork

Ingredients[※8 Chinese steamed buns] Miso Paste with Seasoned Pork
・Powdered brown sugar(150g) ・Miso(250g) ・Grated ginger(30g) ・Peanut butter(50g) ・Pork short rib chunk(250g) ・Cooking sake(2 Tablespoons)
Boil pork in low heat. Once the fat starts coming off the pork, add miso and grated ginger.
Mix in brown sugar and sake (2 Tablespoons) to ❶, cooking carefully without burning.
Turn the heat off and add the peanut butter.
Ingredients [for 8 buns] Chinese bun dough
・Flour(480g) ・Baking powder(2 Tablespoons) ・Brown sugar, powdered(5 Tablespoons) ・Pork short rib chunk(250g) ・Water(250ml)
Combine flour, baking powder, and brown sugar into a bowl, mixing by hand while letting some air in.
Add water while mixing with a spatula. Once the mixture gets powdery, knead by hand, wrap with plastic wrap, and store in room temperature for 15 minutes.
Divide ❷ into 8 parts, and spread with rolling pin. Wrap the miso paste with seasoned pork inside the dough and steam for 10 minutes.
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