Ingredients [ 4 servings ]
A ・sukiyaki broth / cooking sake (200ml)
・mirin / sweet cooking wine (200ml)
・brown sugar (60g)
B ・other ingredients / sliced beef loin(500g)
・leeks (2)  ・onion (1) ・tofu (1block)
・konnyaku noodles (1package) 
・bunches mitsuba (Japanese parsley)
・eggs (4)
Cut leeks into diagonal pieces, onion into wedges, tofu into cubes and mitsuba into chunks.
Lightly cook konnyaku noodles in boiling water and cut into bite-sized pieces.
Put ingredients A except for brown sugar into a large pot and bring to a boil. When it comes to a good boil, add brown sugar.
Cook ingredients B in sukiyaki broth. Dip cooked beef and vegetables in fresh beaten eggs and eat.
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