Chinese Cold Noodle with Pork

Ingredients〔Serves 2〕
・Pork (1cm sliced, cut into thin blocks)
・Cucumber, tomato, thin fried-egg, bean sprouts, lettuce, red pickled ginger
・ Noodle and Sauce for Chinese Cold Noodle for 2 people.
Cut pork into thin blocks and heat them in a micro-wave oven for 30 sec.
Boil both noodle and bean spout. Cucumber, tomato, thin fried egg must be cut into thin and slenderly. Place noodle first on the soup plate then as a topping, put bean sprouts, cucumber, tomato, fried-egg, lettuce, red ginger and pork on top of the noodle completely coving the noodle.
Pour the sauce over the pork and vegetables and its ready!
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