Deep-fried White Fish with Mozuku Sauce

Ingredients (serves 2)
・1 white-meat fish, whole
・[A] Seasoning: 2 tbsp Japanese sake/1 tbsp soy sauce
・[B] Flour for dusting: 2 tbsp flour/2 tbsp potato starch
・[C] Ingredients for sauce: 150g fresh mozuku (6g dried), chopped into bite-size pieces/oil for frying/½ carrot, sliced/1 onion, sliced/2 mushrooms, sliced
・[D] Broth: 2 cups bonito broth/2 tbsp awamori (Okinawan liquor)/2 tbsp mirin (sweet Japanese cooking wine)/1/2 tsp salt/2 tbsp light soy sauce
・[E] Other: Starch and water mixture (1 tbsp potato starch, 2 tbsp water)/1 piece ginger, grated
Marinate fish in mixture of ingredients [A] to season. Dust fish with mixture of ingredients [B]. Fry in 180℃ oil till golden, then drain.
Soak dried mozuku in water until soft. Heat mixture of ingredients [D] in pan until boiling. Add ingredients [C]. When all ingredients are cooked well, add starch and water mixture.
On a plate, pour ② over ①, and top with grated ginger.
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