Mabo Tofu with Mozuku Seaweed

Ingredients [2~3 servings]
・Mozuku seaweed(100g) ・Tofu(250g)
・Sesame oil(proper quantity) ・Garlic(half glove)
・Ginger(half portion) ・Leek(1)
・Rice wine(proper quantity)
・A Miso(1 Tablespoon)、Powdered brown sugar(1 teaspoon)、Oyster sauce(1/2 teaspoon)、Soy sauce(1 Tablespoon)、Water(1 Tablespoon)、Szechuan pepper(proper quantity)、Cornstarch(1 Tablespoon)、Black vinegar(proper quantity)、Chili bean sauce(1 teaspoon)、Ground pork(Ground pork)
In low heat, sauté garlic and ginger. Add chili bean sauce, ground pork, leek, and rice wine.
BAdd tofu, mozuku seaweed, and A sauce. Turn the heat off and mix gently.
Add black vinegar and a small amount of sesame oil before serving.
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