Boiled chicken seasoned with red and white salt

Ingredients [ 2〜3 servings ]
A ・Boiled chicken ・Chicken breast (2 pieces)
・Onion (1/4) ・Carrot (1/4) ・Celery (1/4)
・Bay leaf (1) ・Water (700cc)
・Cooking sake (70cc) ・Salt (1 Tablespoon)
B ・Leek (chopped)1/4 ・Sesame Oil(small amount) ・Soy sauce (small amount)
C ・Red and white salt Roasted salt (proper quantity)
・Red edible flower (If not available, substitute with red food coloring) proper quantity
Mix B ingredients.
To make red and white salt. Red:mix edible flowers and roasted salt in a food processor. White:use roasted salt by itself.
Put B on top of sliced chicken, accompanied by red and white salt.Use salts as desired.
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