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About the Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub Okinawa - filled with business opportunities Commercial Model from Okinawa Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub
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Introduction to Okinawan products    
Salt Brown sugar Mozuku Umi budou
Fruits and vegetables Pork Awamori・Umeshu Beer
Beverages Shiikwaasaa Snacks Wholesome foods
Fish Condiments Canned pork Processed foods
Crafts Skincare products    
Cake salé, slightly salted French savory loaves Mibai (grouper) cooked in brine Boiled chicken seasoned with red and white salt To Removing a strong meat taste or fishiness!
Grilled fish with salt Pasta Sandwich Potato salad
Osuimono with radish sprouts and Kaoritatsu Yuzu Shio Shrimp and scallop stir-fry with salt Basic salt use  
Brown sugar      
Brown sugar is one of the most famous specialty products Okinawa offers Rafute
(Okinawan-style glazed pork)
Rich taste of Niku-Jyaga Chinese steamed bun with miso paste and seasoned pork
Teriyaki chicken
(Pan Cake)
Hand-rolled Sushi Molasses/brown sugar agarasa(Okinawan steamed bread) Vanilla ice cream
Hot Cake
(Pan Cake)
Cookies & Brown Sugar Milk Sweet potato and ginger dessert How to store
Mabo Tofu with Mozuku Seaweed Mozuku and Pork Meatball Soup Mozuku Seaweed Lemon Cup Mozuku Seaweed Pancake
Mozuku Zaru soba Mozuku Rice Mozku Soup Omlete with Mozuku
Chicken dumpling Mozuku Tempura Fish with Mozuku Sauce Miso Soup
Mozuku Salada Mozuku Vinegar How to use mozuku  
Marine products      
Deep-fried White Fish with Mozuku Sauce Umi Budou Hand Roll
Ways to enjoy kooreegusu    
Ways to enjoy awamori      
Shiikwaasaa beer      
Canned pork      
Crispy Pork and Eggs Pork/Egg Rice Ball (onigiri) Goya chanpuruu(goya stir-fry with canned pork) Pork Stir-Fried Rice
Pork Curry Chinese Cold Noodle with Pork Loco moco with canned pork Pork Fry
Fluffy Pork Omlette      
Fruits and vegetables      
Goya chanpuruu(goya stir-fry) Using shima rakkyo Okinawan carrot soup Using okra
Colorful pasta with handama Preparing mango Preparing Bogor pineapple Preparing passion fruit
Preparing papaya      
Moromi vinegar      
Other processed food      
Sightseeing information    

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